Catfood Fortune Cookies 2.22.0016

Catfood Fortune Cookies 2.22.0016

Catfood Fortune Cookies provide users with a new piece of wisdom, like cracking open a brittle fortune cookie, each time they log on. With fool-proof use and surprising results, users looking for a little illumination will love this simple program.

This program's interface could not be much easier. Once loaded, Fortune Cookie does all the work. Since there is nothing that can be adjusted or changed about this download, users can sit back and enjoy. There is a slim Help file, but it certainly is not necessary reading for anyone simply wanting a fortune. The program displays itself automatically each time the computer is logged in. A simple box pops up on the center of the screen and displays anything from historical quotes (one we found came from Abraham Lincoln) to simple, uncredited, philosophical phrases meant to inspire. The simple program does offer one surprising special feature to this tightly focused package. Users need only click on the display box and another quote will appear, saving fortune-hungry users the trouble of logging off and on again.

With one of the most simple layouts we've ever tested and excellent fortunes, this freeware program is sure to be a bright spot for anyone needing a small dose of daily inspiration.

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