Free Fire Screensaver 2.20.018

Free Fire Screensaver 2.20.018

Free Fire Screensave sets users' monitors ablaze, igniting each window and icon in translucent flames. It's a cool effect, and the intuitive interface allows for just the right amount of customization; users can personalize their settings without being overwhelmed by options.

The features that users can tweak include the speed of the flames' flickering, whether the screensaver fades out or ends immediately upon exit, and the program's sounds and music. Users can choose between two built-in pieces of music (Romantic and Melancholic), set the program to use other music from the computer, or turn the music off entirely. Crackling fire sounds can also be adjusted in volume or turned off. This program offers multimonitor support for users who desire more than one blazing screen; this can be turned off for those who don't. Users can also easily take a screenshot of the flaming desktop, which could provide a not-so-subtle way to tell your boss what you really think of your latest assignment. (If only it showed holes burning through Word documents!)

This freeware installs and uninstalls cleanly, making it a hassle-free desktop enhancement. Users who want to add a little bit of heat to their computers should find this an enjoyable addition to their screensaver collections.

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