Wallpaper Cycler Lite

Wallpaper Cycler Lite

This nifty app cycles through a series of specified images as wallpaper for your system--you set the speed and time and date for each change, then the app handles the work automatically.

Wallpaper Cycler Lite launches a three-paned interface similar in look and feel to the familiar e-mail client design. The left, vertical pane lists a directory of wallpaper categories, the upper horizontal pane on the right lists wallpaper images in the selected category, and the lower horizontal pane displays a thumbnail of a selected image. A series of icons arranged across the top of the panes may intimidate novices initially, but the contextual help soon will have any new user navigating easily and confidently. This free app performed quite well during our tests. A wizard for setting up a category for wallpapers was available at each launch, and setting up additional categories--and adding wallpapers to a cycle--was a simple process, thanks to the intuitively designed interface. Setting the image-change frequency was a snap, and we appreciated that we could choose cycle times based on time of year as well as daily hours.

There's a nag screen at launch that urges you to register your copy, but that's a minimal irritation. The Layouts feature is disabled in this Lite version, but most home users won't notice--the feature lets you configure different wallpapers for each monitor on your system. But overall, this is a neat little tool.

Source : http://download.cnet.com

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